Amber is absolutely incredible! Her work is so beautiful and truly speaks for itself. She is so artistic and captures amazing moments; working with her is equally amazing.

“Amber is the sweetest and cares so deeply for her clients.”

She goes above and beyond to help them leading up to their big day and make sure they are prepared from photo locations, to the family shots, and nailing every detail shot. She is the absolute best! If you're reading this in debate of whether or not to hire Amber, stop what you're doing and hire her now. 

Thank you!

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She took family photos of my family when I was pregnant and I will treasure them forever.

“Amber's work is so beautiful!”

“SHE is absolutely lovely to work with and the results were beyond expectations!”

We had a fantastic experience with Amber shooting our wedding.

Amber is not only a very talented and professional photographer, she's great at making people feel at ease and working with groups of all ages. All of this is evident in the finished product.

“I would recommend AMBER to anyone in the market for a top-tier PHOTOGRAPHER, and would hire her again without hesitation.”

She really felt like one of the guests (in the best way), and her ability to blend in with the party, the ceremony, and the scene as a whole allowed her get some really great candid shots.

The minute I saw Amber's work I knew she was the only photographer I wanted for this special day. Her eye is impeccable. Her style is nothing short of amazing because of the candid approach she invokes into her work. With no effort she captures the feeling of the day.

“The most important investment of your wedding day should be the photographer you choose. And without a doubt, it should be Amber Vickery."

We were blown away when we saw a preview of the final photos (and I cannot wait to see them all). But I wasn't surprised, because she has some serious talent.

Amber‘s work is fantastic and speaks for itself. Her stunning images and distinctive style are more than enough to recommend her as a photographer for any occasion, but the real reason to book Amber Vickery is Amber Vickery. She makes each moment more personal, more memorable, and more filled with love.

“Amber's real gift is putting people at ease, bringing out their best, most authentic selves, and then capturing it on film. "

Having Amber at your wedding is like inviting that friend who makes everything and everyone better just by being there, and then you get her incredible artwork on top of that.